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About The Wilson Organization

We are passionate about helping organizations become more culturally inclusive and anti-biased, recognizing that unconscious bias plays a major role in impeding progress around diversity and results in micro-aggressions toward people of color and other marginalized groups.

What We Do

Our diversity, inclusion, equity and anti-bias training moves beyond denial, shock, defensiveness, shame and guilt to confront White Privilege and dominance while challenging liberal exceptionalism. With these roadblocks out of the way, we are able to develop strategies and training programs to enlargen your diversity footprint and advance anti-bias thought.

What We Believe

There is no single or correct path for dismantling bias because it does not consist merely of individual acts of bigotry or meanness. Rather, it includes pervasive policies and practices over several centuries that have consistently advantaged Whiteness and disadvantaged Blackness and Brownness.

Our People

We are a powerful team of RI-based consultants from a variety of heritages and occupational backgrounds – seasoned professionals with expertise in business and management, diversity and cultural competence, organizational development, leadership and interpersonal relations, law, social work and community engagement.

Our Social Impact

We help you see the world differently – through a lens that focuses on joy, hope, fulfillment, love and gratitude in every day and a premise that people heretofore underserved and underrepresented, can no longer be denied access by those privileged whites whose passive acceptance of racial inequity in all aspects of American society define their complicity.

How We Connect

We view “connection” of utmost importance in defining a credible and viable relationship between client and Diversity training consultant.  Led by our Managing Director Lawrence Wilson, we know what we are talking about! Larry has dealt with diversity – or the lack of it – and conscious and unconscious bias all his life. He communicates this experience through Storytelling which has a hugely disarming effect.  Through this art, Larry navigates his direct and vicarious experience with bias convincingly, consistently forging positive outcomes and teachable moments even among those who do not consider themselves teachable.

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