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Imagine an authentic discussion among 16-20 individuals talking about their capacity for leadership and the self-doubt and fears they have that might get in the way of it.

The Wilson Organization (TWO) takes its dynamic, state of the art leadership model that embodies emotional intelligence, strategic thought, problem-solving, and communication. We inspire measurable action by positioning our model in the middle of some of your company’s foremost challenges. Then we watch good things happen and ultimately facilitate genuine dialog to ensure that they keep happening!

Imagine an authentic discussion among 16-20 company individuals – various ages, genders, ethnicities and importantly, levels of responsibility – talking about their capacity for leadership and the self-doubt and fears they have that might get in the way of it. That’s what happens in a TWO leadership seminar designed to illuminate your colleagues’ “soft skills” and in doing so, who they really are.

You’d be surprised by the vast number of partners, collaborators, associates and co-workers who have never sat in a room together participating in such conversation for three hours! But when they do, TWO shows them, first, how to consider their failures and weaknesses as strengths; second, how not be reticent to join with others who are making similar discoveries; and finally, how being on top of your soft skills will absolutely heighten your technical proficiencies.

Many participants respond immediately to their new breakthroughs; others may need to digest them for a while. Regardless, TWO measures and monitors the progress of these participants and, where desired or needed, provides its highly individualized coaching methods. We meet company agreed-upon benchmarks designed to “bring alive” leaders, innovators and problem-solvers at every level!

Suddenly, beyond his/her technical talents, a colleague’s soft skills are complimentary with those of other company talent. Professional and personal challenges take on a less foreboding and more “solvable” positioning.

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