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Opening Day at Talladega College, Hale  Aspacio Woodruff (1942) Image: Peter Harholdt/Collection of Talladega College, Talladega, Alabama. Copyright Talladega College

Our experience spans the major industries and the diversity, inclusion and Anti-Bias challenges that confront them, which gives The Wilson Organization a unique perspective that we bring to every client relationship. We help you see and therefore lead your company or organization differently, discover biases and complicities you may never have imagined, and achieve results that bridge what exists in terms of diversity and interpersonal relations – or lack thereof – and what can be.

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Diversity and Anti-Bias come alive through TWO’s experience in corporate and community life. As a Black Native American, our Managing Director has often “leveled the playing field” when it was required to affect cultural change. We continue to call upon his extraordinary knowledge and practical application of emotional intelligence and resonant leadership.

Banking and Financial Services


After a multi-company merger, the new bank corporation’s leadership identified unconscious bias and an inappropriate management style of a valued senior individual.


TWO provided executive coaching to illuminate and cultivate the individual’s EQ and unveiled the roots of his biases, enabling him to effectively manage his diverse team.


“Through a series of extremely authentic coaching sessions, this senior manager came to value the dignity, contributions and importance of the differences among diverse people.”

Cultural Organization Administration

Food Production


A food manufacturer’s employee base does not reflect the diversity of its customers. While the lowest positions are diverse, mid- and senior levels consist exclusively of white men.


TWO’s diagnostic assessment of the company’s culture leveraged a variety of source material that defined the importance of diversity and anti-bias, and identified key opportunities for strategic initiatives.


“TWO’s work served as the foundation of our ability to take responsibility internally for creating some key diversity and anti-bias initiatives and the infrastructure to support them.”


Higher Education

Press Release: February 28, 2019

The Diversity Leadership Summit is a one-day annual conference for multicultural high school juniors and seniors. The Emporia State University faculty and staff encourage diverse students to pursue higher education and help them realize their full potential to be successful leaders of the future. Students are invited from all over the states of Kansas and Missouri. This free conference consists of speakers, workshops and opportunities for current high school seniors to compete for Emporia State university scholarships.

Mentor, coach and an advocate for leadership, diversity and anti-bias initiatives among a wide mix of people, Lawrence Wilson and his consulting firm, The Wilson Organization, LLC (TWO) are making their mark nationwide in these emerging disciplines. As Emporia’s keynote, Mr. Wilson comes to the University sharing his insight into how current and prospective students will benefit from the advantages of diversity and inclusion. “To pursue diversity and inclusion is to create an environment that values success but, more importantly, is strengthened and grows from failure, frustration and lessons learned. Diversity and anti-bias initiatives emboldens students, faculty, college leadership and many others to think bigger, find confidence beyond their comfort zones and ultimately, create their own paths.”


Law & Legal Services


A RI law firm whose priority had been growth, now wished to focus its attention on diversity, equity and inclusion in its hiring practice, ensuring anti-bias protocol and building a framework that supports retention.


TWO engaged in a two-pronged process, one to leverage through interviews and HR source material the value and dynamics of a Diversity and Anti-Bias infrastructure; the other to locate, recruit and retain talent of color.


TWO’s engagement continues with Larry serving as strategic advisor to the firm, positioned now to build an infrastructure that ensures inclusive recruitment and retention tactics.

The Methodology We Use

Storytelling is Important!

Authentic, transparent storytelling allows ‘TWO’ to talk to our clients about reducing systemic bias in a descriptive yet disarming language they can understand. In many cases, the stories reflect poignant and painful experiences that occurred because our Managing Director was “the pioneer,” i.e., the only person of color in the room, or the Black Native American who “didn’t belong.” Today, we’ve turned these incidents into lessons-learned and produce positive outcomes for any number of clients.


We can broaden the Diversity and Anti-Bias footprint of any company’s landscape because we deliver and supervise implementation of our strategy through a four-phase process. It begins with a diagnosis of the current corporate landscape that identifies opportunities to advance diversity and anti-bias training and development.


Identify the opportunities for improvement.

Key Activities:

  • Interview company stakeholders
  • Review company Human Resource documents
  • Create summary document
  • Host workshop to discuss findings and next steps


  • Diversity and Anti-Bias Diagnostic Report


Pressure test ideas to “fail” fast & cheap.

Key Activities:

  • Identify “long list” of Diversity initiatives
  • Survey and/or interview company staff to determine relative value of initiatives 
  • Optional: Best Practices interviews with external local industry/supply chain orgs.
  • Execute prioritization workshop


  • High Priority Diversity & Anti-Bias Initiatives

Strategy Recommendation

Align on the specific initiatives to implement.

Key Activities:

  • Develop Board-level multi-stage Diversity plan (Business Case)
  • Engage key decision makers in a final presentation
  • Gain Executive Board approval for recommended plan


  • Board-level Diversity Strategy document for approval


Implement the top 3-5 initiatives.

Key Activities:

  • Option 1 (Light Support): ½ day of executive coaching per week for six months
  • Option 2 (Heavy Support): Creation of an Interim Diversity Director


  • Various activities per the recommended plan

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