Our Approach -
Minority Business Development

The Wilson Organization (TWO) is committed to growing the Rhode Island economy and is convinced that growth cannot happen unless “all boats rise.” Rhode Island’s small businesses are the backbone of its economic strength, with 80% of the companies in the state having less than 10 employees. Many do well, some – especially the minority and women-owned businesses – deserve to do better.

Minority household education levels and incomes lag the majority cultures in RI by nearly 42%, and business failure rates are double the rate of mainstream organizations.

The dramatic disparity between the economics of minority populations relative to their majority counterparts stands in the way of minority and women-owned business potential. TWO passionately feels its responsibility to help Rhode Island turn these statistics around.

Our experience in working with business and political leaders – e.g. Commerce RI, the State Treasurer’s Office and RI Foundation – to strengthen and advance the underrepresented and underserved through support programs targeted to their minority-owned organizations is extensive. Our leadership, innovation and problem-solving coaching is based upon having navigated business and societal challenges for more than 35 years within corporations, and cultural and educational institutions.

Minority and women-owned businesses experience a disproportionate share of “unlevel playing fields” and limited resources relative to mainstream organizations. TWO designs and implements complex business problem-solving strategies against this backdrop. Our programs, custom-fitted to the individual organization’s needs, range from one-day workshops to ongoing monthly engagements.

Coaching Areas that Deliver for Minority and Women-Owned Businesses!

LEVERAGING BUSINESS CULTURES.  A dynamic business climate demands a savvy workforce. By navigating trends, networks and technical assistance, you access capacity-building resources.

COMMUNICATING AS A LEADER.  “Soft Skills” do not mean “pushover,” or being too “touchy-feely”. Rather, they spur influence, inspiration, innovation and teamwork.

COPING WITH CHANGE IN TURBULENT TIMES.  Providing training and support for technical skills while coaching leadership, innovation and problem-solving at all levels of the organization is how TWO ensures capacity-building regardless of economic, political and societal impacts.

TWO’s Proven Skills – In So Many Words . . .