Leadership in Senior Level
Peer Consultation

The Wilson Organization (TWO) presents its progressive leadership development techniques in a variety of ways and fine-tunes them for application to designated levels of talent within the firm. Regardless of format, TWO’s leadership seminars are highly interactive, fueled by our active facilitation.

One such approach brings together 10-15 senior executives monthly – C-Suite level leaders of mid-sized Rhode Island corporations – to deliver advanced leadership skills through peer consultation. Six of the 10 monthly meetings focus on problem-solving discussions related to the companies represented at the table. The remaining four sessions feature presentations by outside experts, wholly relevant to business challenges and these senior executives and their leadership teams.

Soft skills and technical abilities working together are fundamental to calibrate CEOs, small business owners and other key executives driven to achieve next-level results for their companies and as important, themselves.

Recognizing the inherent value of full and balanced participation, TWO’s role is to formulate valuable programming and inspire focused and detailed conversation for this C-Suite executives’ guild. These executives like the idea of being educated by “playing off” each other, certain to walk away with a “quick hit” of applicable outcomes.

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