12 Ways to Continue Supporting The Black Community

The Most Common Coronavirus Questions, Answered

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The Wilson Organization (TWO) specializes in diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-bias consulting (DEI/AR).  We develop custom-tailored Diversity and Anti-Bias strategic plans and engage in leadership training with a Diversity focus for all levels of company management and front-line personnel.  Drawing on real-life minority experience with conscious and unconscious bias as well as our collective senior corporate experience, we are a powerful team of RI-based consultants from a variety of heritages and occupational backgrounds. We help companies and organizations become more culturally diverse in terms of the people they hire and the clients and customers they serve.

We also develop anti-bias programming, engaging in difficult conversations to help our clients see the world – perhaps if only for an instant – through the eyes of Blacks, Browns and LGBTQ people.  Our hope is they might gain a better understanding of unconscious bias and the role that microaggressions, policies that advantage Whites and disadvantage Blacks and Browns, and “liberal exceptionalism” can play in their own complicity.  Because we deeply understand how racial and social inequities operate in the workplace, at home, and in the communities we’re part of, TWO is able to assist our clients in designing and implementing systems and procedures that advance diversity and the foundations it relies upon.

Finally, on a personal note, my exposure as a Black and Native American growing up and thriving in predominantly White communities, combines with my senior management experience within some of the world’s largest companies, and a graduate degree from a fine business school – Wharton – to afford vision, analytical and strategic development capacity, and importantly, a sincerity in seeing both sides of an issue. Welcome to The Wilson Organization.

Lawrence E. Wilson

Managing Director, TWO

Our Mission

Our purpose is to reduce the systemic bias that has been endemic to RI and the nation from their beginnings. We will continue to bring greater understanding to Rhode Island’s and southeastern New England’s companies, organizations and communities in ways that eliminate the trauma minorities experience every day, reshape the long-standing policies and behaviors that advantage Whites and disadvantage Blacks and Browns, and turn unproductive guilt about White complicity into action that advances equity, inclusion and opportunity.

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Featured Insights

From the desk of TWO Managing Director Larry Wilson . . .

12 Ways to Continue Supporting the Black Community

Andre M. Hill was a guest of friends in Columbus, OH three days before Christmas, He was simply entering their home when he was shot by police. There was no weapon, no immediate medical assistance, and no operating body camera until after the shooting.

What has become clear is that with the passage of time, these all-too-familiar crimes are, at best, conjuring diminishing outrage and inadequate consequences.  Andre, George, Breonna and Elijah are simply not long enough on the “radar screens” of the majority cultures – those potential agents of social change – to hold their attention!

This Is What Racial Trauma Does To The Body And Brain

Media Content Editor Jillian Wilson’s recent article, in part, introduces the impact of epigenetic alterations, a study that has intrigued TWO for some time. It hypothesizes that trauma experienced historically by our ancestors, deepens – genetically – the trauma we experience today.

If this is true, my great-grandfather witnessing as a boy the murder of his mother at the hands of their plantation owner, and the boy’s escape from Charleston, SC to Mystic, CT as a stowaway aboard a sailing ship – serves to intensify the rage and racial trauma I experienced as a corporate executive once referred to as “the Pullman porter brought up from the back of the train.”

The Most Common Coronavirus Questions, Answered

All of us are yearning to break out of the psychological and physical incarceration we have experienced for more than twelve months now. To do so, of course, it is essential that we take advantage of the COVID-19 vaccines that have emerged. I have taken particular interest in the fundamental questions and answers that our Media Content Editor, Jillian Wilson, discovered surrounding these new inoculations. There’s significant doubt among a credible number of Black and Brown people and who can blame them?

Brown University grad Brian Mastroianni writing for the online wellness publication Healthline last December noted that in the past, racist, and sometimes dangerous, health policies and clinical experiments have targeted particularly vulnerable Black and Brown communities.

One Way To Be An Ally Right Now? Support Black Mental Health

Published on HuffPost, this article by TWO Media Content Editor Jillian Wilson goes to the very heart of Diversity and Inclusion, capturing many of the raw emotions — frustration, fear, anger, powerlessness, and so many others — felt by “our people” and the many non-Black and Brown people who love and support us, and whom we love back!

Pause and digest Jillian’s well-researched advice regarding some of the best ways our non-Black and Brown friends and colleagues can support Minority mental well-being including LGBTQ. Ultimately, allied non-Minority efforts of love will strengthen not only our mental health — but theirs too!

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