Business Development through Diversity,
Inclusion and Extraordinary Leadership

Growing Companies and Organizations by creating
Leaders, Innovators and Problem-Solvers at every level!

TWO is business development through leadership and management coaching at its finest.

We offer it to C-Suite executives, their colleagues “managing from the middle” and front-line personnel in the wide variety of companies and organizations that make up Rhode Island.

The intensifying competition for resources and the demand for efficiency and high performance are pressing companies and non-profit organizations to become more flexible, results-focused, and fast-acting. Such initiatives require extraordinarily effective leaders at every level who have a full understanding of the partners, collaborators, associates and co-workers they depend upon.

Today, more than ever, that understanding must go far beyond knowledge of technical skills. Of greater importance are the “soft skills” that define who these colleagues are.

The Wilson Organization (TWO) is passionate in its understanding of this and five years ago, launched an initiative to support this understanding through research, tried and tested management approaches, experiential learning and practical application. We’ve created a dynamic, state of the art model that embodies leadership, innovative thought and problem-solving that inspires measurable action.

TWO draws on the experience of its professional network – men and women of four of the five living generations in the country today. Rest assured, we take full advantage of your experience as well! Together, we explore the personal and professional competencies that leaders, innovators and problem-solvers require.

One More Thing . . .

TWO’s training is highly effective because we present it in the context of the challenges that your company or organization faces. Often pushing you and your colleagues beyond your comfort zones, we’ll grow your talent personally and professionally!

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